Monday, January 9, 2012

Beginning the Pull Up Challenge

I thought I was recovering from my cold, and then it took a turn for the worst. I ended up missing 2 workouts last week. I thought about doing 1 of them on Saturday, but just decided to take that last day of rest before I began my new program on Sunday.

So on Sunday I began Shawna K's Pull Up Challenge Workout. The first thing on the list is to measure how many pull ups you can do from a full hang. My score? Zero, none, zilch. When I reach up to the pull up bar, from floor to bar, I am at full extension, so I tried to do a pull up beginning with my toes only touching the floor, but no pushing off. My score? 1/4 of a pull up. :) I repeated this for chin ups (just for my own curiosity) and got a score of zero at a full hang, and a score of 1 full chin up with just my toes starting on the ground. Hmm....I've got a lot of work to do.

The workout was straight sets of DB rows, incline presses, push ups, squats, etc - 11 exercises in all. It's been a while since I have done straight sets so this is a change of pace for me. The workout went pretty fast - it took me about 35 minutes. Today I'm pretty sore in my triceps, lats and chest. Tomorrow is workout 2. There are 3 workouts per week, and from what I can tell after looking ahead a bit, it looks like Phase 1 has 12 unique workouts. It will be kind of cool to do a different workout every time I go to the gym!

Have a great day!

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