Saturday, November 1, 2008

Weekend Challenge and The Great Pumpkin

This week's TT Members forum Weekend Challenge had 2 versions. The Michael Myers Intermediate Version and the Jason Voorhees Advanced Version. I chose to try the Jason Voorhees version. Here are the rules:

--> Go through the circuit two times for 502 total reps
--> Rest as little as possible
--> Time how long it takes you

Jason Voorhees (Advanced)
31 Bodyweight Squats
13 Spiderman Pushups (per side)
31 Lunges (total, not per side, start with your weak side to get extra rep)
13 Pullups
31 Side-to-Side Hops (total)
13 Inverted Rows
31 Close-Grip Pushups
13 Chinups
31 Jumps
13 Burpees
31 Diagonal Lunges (total, not per side, start with your weak side)

I wasn't feeling my best this morning; seemed like I was moving in slow motion. My spiderman push ups weren't very pretty and most of my pull ups and chin ups were done 1 at a time. But I was still fairly happy with my time of 20:37. Anyone else giving this one a try?

In other news, I had the pumpkin cheesecake mentioned in a previous post. I had to adjust the recipe a little, as just using pumpkin instead of peanut butter wasn't quite sweet enough for me. So here's a new recipe:

1/4c cottage cheese
1 scoop vanilla whey protein powder
2T canned pumpkin
2T milk
1 packet Splenda
1t SF pancake syrup
sprinkle of pumpkin pie spice

Bake using the same directions as below (small ramekin in waterbath, at 350 (F), for about 35 minutes). I topped mine with a quick sprinkle of cinnamon, a shot of the new Cool Whip in a can, and 1T of walnuts. Delicious! With the ingredients I used, without the walnuts and Cool Whip, it has:
177.7 calories (242.7 calories with toppings)
30g protein (31g with toppings)
1.6g fat (7.6g with toppings)
12.12g carbs (15.12g with toppings)

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