Monday, December 27, 2010

Back In Action

Ahem, so, well, it's been awhile since I've posted. :)

New Year's Resolution #1:
Post on Blog more frequently.

I have 2 big announcements!

First, I got second place in the Women under 40 Category in the last TT Contest (Contest #9). Very excited about that! The 10th TT Contest has already begun - you can read the rules HERE. Start your year on the right foot! :)

Second big announcement: I have signed up to run a full marathon. Not EXACTLY sure what I was thinking! But I do plan to post more about training, nutrition, etc. I think it will help keep me in line! :)

My "official" training will start near the end of January, so I might not post too much before then, but I'm going to try!

Happy New Year!

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Mark said...

Which marathon? I did Vermont City in 2007.

Red Headed Racer said...

awesome! congrats to you! you look fantastic!

Abby said...

Thank you!!

Mark - it's just a local marathon. Nothing like Boston or New York. I'm just hoping to cross the finish line! :) Great job finishing a marathon! Do you still race?

Mark said...

Long distance was too abusive - I couldn't even train the last month before the race. I was fortunate to finish...

I did do a 1/2 marathon about a year later. That was much more manageable.

Every once in a while I get a small urge to do it again but it usually passes :)

Have you figured out your training schedule?

Abby said...

Mark - It's a blend of a Hal Higgins training plan I found online and the plan from Complete Book of Running for Women. It's not set in stone just yet, but I have a pretty good idea. :)

Michelle said...

Abby, you look amazing! Such an inspiration!

Niki said...

Abby - i have been following your blog for some look fabulous! congrats on the win! you have inspired me to enter the next contest (maybe) and had some said you also did some running during the contest - i swim and teach indoor cycle - can i work those into the HIIT or do some of that in addition to the TT workouts? which workouts have been your favorites? is there a lot of support for nutrition? i am not yet a member, but workout a ton on my own, just feel like i am not making the progress i would like and maybe a jump start like this would be a good thing. anyway - thanks for the advice, and if i could finish like you i would be thrilled! niki

Abby said...

Michelle - Thank you!!

Niki - Go for it!! :) During the last contest, I didn't do a ton of running, but just did the HIIT as called for and ran around 3 miles on Saturday. Occasionally, my son and I would run a mile or so mid-week. Jacked & Lean and Resistance Evil didn't have intervals, but the workouts were tough enough without them! :) While using those workouts I typically just ran on the weekend and did yoga or stretching on off days, with occasional days of easy running. I have used quite a few TT workouts, and am not sure I could name all my favorites, but I really liked TT 2K3 (in the Original TT Manual), TT for Mass, and Resistance Evil. On the TT Members website/forums, there is definitely nutritional support. Creating a contest thread and posting what you are eating is one of the best ways to stay accountable. And if you have questions, there are forums specifically for nutrition. Hope this is helpful!

Sorry I didn't get back to you right away - no time this weekend!

Happy New Year!

Shantay said...

Looking great girl! Congrats, again on winning. I am gonna jump on board this time. I only have 25 lbs to lose so I figured this would be a great way to finish off my final stretch to my goal! *smiles*

Abby said...

Thanks, Shantay! Good luck! :)