Sunday, August 22, 2010

TT Contest Final Results: Continuing To Learn

Well, this is a little late, but better late than never, right? :)

There are two main reasons I decided to join this TT Contest:

1) Over the past winter and early spring, I started trying new (non-TT) programs. In the past, I would have put them off and just continued using TT, but instead I decided to give them a try. While they were OK, they weren't nearly as fun, and my results weren't as great as when I have used TT. I knew going back to TT workouts was the right choice.

2) I knew that joining a TT contest would help me to focus my training as I prepared to run my first half marathon. And the training part did go off without a hitch (I ran my first half marathon in just under 2 hours and 28 minutes) but the nutrition aspect did not fare as well as I had hoped.

I decided from the beginning that I was not going to count calories. In the past, this has made me terribly neurotic. I wanted to achieve a more "natural" diet; not one that has been over-calculated. I concentrated on following Craig's Simple Nutrition for Fat Loss, but did not have quite the level of compliance I should have. However, I know I am making a difference in how my family eats. My kids are always asking whether or not a food is healthy, or if it is a treat. I learned that my actions speak to my kids, and they watch what I eat, and they, in turn, make decisions about foods. (Sometimes they decide they just don't like spinach.)

During these 12 weeks, I lost 10.2 pounds and 2.6% bodyfat. I went on vacation for a week and didn't gain any weight! Using my TT workout on vacation was fantastic - I even brought along my weights even though my husband gave me an odd look when he had to load them into the trunk of the car. I got to workout outside at sunrise, overlooking a beautiful lake. I learned that a week of no stress is good for the soul.

My results during these 12 weeks were not exactly what I had hoped, but don't count me out for future contests - I'm still working on fitness as a lifestyle and not a 12-week event. I love how the contests keep me motivated, and each one brings me closer to my goals. It may seem counter-intuitive to continue 12-week contests when I am working on long-range goals, but in every contest I learn something new, and I look forward to learning each time.

Workouts used:
TT Hotzone for Fat Loss
TT AAA for Abs
TT for Abs (original)

I have a "Back" picture as well, but didn't post it because I didn't realize that I must have sat in something. My rear end has a mysterious spot on it in my After picture. LOL

The half marathon actually went really well. It was warm and humid that day, but at least it was overcast. I'll have to post more another time!


that70sgrl said...

Holy Canoli Abby! Nice work! You cut some major fat and you didn't have much to start! Your hard work definitely paid off

Abby said...

Thank you!

Shantay said...

You look awesome!!! I am always impressed by your advancements!

Abby said...

Thanks Shantay!