Monday, May 3, 2010

Love, Death And The Bike Anti-Theft

Wow, time flies, doesn't it? This weekend I finished up the Bikini Ready workout I had been using. My weight didn't change all that much, but my bodyfat dropped about 1% according to my Omron.

The workouts were starting to wear on me a little bit because they were big circuits and I always felt like I was hogging equipment at the gym. So I am taking this week off from workouts - except I am running a 5K on Thursday. LOL This particular race is the same race that was my very first 5K a year ago (and I ran it in 40:59). I haven't been training per se for a 5K, but I'm pretty sure I should be able to improve on that time! :)


The 8th Turbulence Training Transformation Contest started this week...and I think I am going to join this one! (You can read the rules HERE.) My sister-in-law might join as well, so give it up for T.! [Hurray! :)] I'm going to use this contest to really focus on my training and nutrition as I prepare for the half marathon I am running late this summer. I plan to start Monday, May 10! :) I decided not to join the M&F Hers contest. I checked out the rules online, and just decided it wasn't for me.


The past couple of weeks my back has been feeling tweaky. (That's a technical term, by the way; my chiropractor used it.) I made an appointment with said chiropractor and decided to ride my bike over after work. When I went to unlock my bike, I discovered that someone had locked up their bike next to mine, and had put their lock through a part of my back tire. It's a little hard to explain, but there's a straight piece that comes down from the "basket holder" and hooks into the pin that holds on the back tire. Luckily, 2 girls walked by and helped me remove my back tire so I could remove the idiot's bike lock. I was not amused.

A couple weeks ago I was on a Saturday run and I nearly witnessed death. Some poor squirrel was in the middle of the road and a truck was speeding toward him. I started yelling at the squirrel, but I don't think he could hear me. Or understand me. Or know why the heck I was yelling at him. I think the truck actually ran over his tail. Then the squirrel staggered over to the curb. He jumped up once and missed the curb, then jumped up again and made it. He limped over to his tree with kind of a dazed look. There was squirrel tail fluff blowing across the road, but I think the little guy made it.

Finally, on my Saturday runs, without fail, the song "Your Love" by the Outfield comes on. (You know the song - "I just wanna use your love, tonight") The first line of the song is "Josie's on a vacation far away" so we already know he's cheating on her, but I always thought it was with some underage girl. There's a line where he says "You know I like my girls a little bit older" which I always interpreted as him meaning "I usually like my girls older, but you'll do". After listening to the song so many times, however, I've decided that the woman he's talking to is actually "older". So now instead of being a pervert, he's chasing a cougar. Which makes me feel only slightly better. After all, he's still cheating on poor Josie.

Have a great week!!

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Smoketheblowfish said...

I love the random notes!

Sorry about the squirrel. The bike lock still has me scratching my head. The Outfield (Play Deep) is one of my favs from the 80's. The guy is pond scum, not only cheating but using the other woman..."I just wanna use your love tonight, yeah". Then he says "yeah"? We need a "Bad 80's Songs" Convention.

later Abby


Abby said...

The bike lock had me scratching my head too! He just wasn't paying attention, I guess. I say "he" because it was a men's bike. ;)

I was laughing at the "Bad 80's Convention"! I don't like the song "Life in a Northern Town" and my husband hates "Come On Eileen". LOL But I love the classics like Obsession, Jesse's Girl, Safety Dance, and about a billion others! :)

Abby said...

Oops, that should say "Bad 80's Song Convention" - can't type today! :)

Smoketheblowfish said...

I'd completely forgotten "Life in a Northern Town"..ranks right up there with anything sung by Human League.

I recently bought a Howard Jones Greatest Hits, and just missed Rick Springfield playing in a town 5 miles north of me.

Twilight Zone
Eyes without a Face
Hungry Like the Wolf
Sharp Dressed Man
Time After Time

I love Animotion

Abby said...

Great songs! I'll probably get some odd looks, but 2 of my favorites are "Take on Me" by A-ha, and "Major Tom" by Peter Schilling! :)