Friday, October 24, 2008

Week 8 Update

I can't believe it's been 8 weeks already! Only 4 more weeks to go - time for a transition. For the past 8 weeks I have been using Turbulence Training for Mass. Beginning next week, I am going to use the new Turbulence Training Home Abdominal workout (advanced). It will be a really nice change as most of the exercises are bodyweight. I will also begin doing intervals again so I am hoping to lose a percent or two of bodyfat over the next 4 weeks. My nutrition has been solid for the past couple weeks and I am going to eat as cleanly as possible for the remainder of the contest. Everyone posting in the TT Contest forum is doing so well and there is a lot of REALLY strong competition. I am going to have to work really hard these last 4 weeks to even stand a chance!

Just a reminder you can still sample the Original Turbulence Training Manual for $4.95 for 21 days. That includes the bonuses (TT for Abs, TT for Amazing Lower Abs, Chris Mohr's Nutrition Guide, etc) and you can try out the TT forums as well. Now that I think about it, you can also sample the Turbulence Training Home Abdominal workout for $4.95 as well, but I don't think it comes with 3 months to the forums (although it does have some other nice bonuses).

We're doing another challenge workout this weekend - I'll update you tomorrow!

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