Friday, June 27, 2008

A Couple of Yummy Dinners

I recently realized I hadn't posted any meal pictures for a while! To correct this oversight, I give you Wednesday night's dinner:

Tuna and tofu burgers with a sprinkle of colby cheese
Quinoa made with chicken broth and garlic

And Thursday night's dinner:
2 eggs
2 light sausages
Sweet potato hash browns
A serving of canned pears in juice

I discovered that soft tofu works well as a binder in things like burgers. I used it Wednesday in the tuna burgers and used it today in buffalo burgers. I also used it when I made some muffins last week. I'm not sure what I did, but they all have a little "handle". I told my husband they all look male! LOL

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Chad & Shantay said...

yummy dishes... never thought of using Tofu for binders...hummm