Friday, March 28, 2008

Age of Aquarius

I probably should introduce myself a little bit. I'm an Aquarius sun, with an Aries rising and a Cancer moon. This make me aloof, yet outgoing, and emotional, yet stoic.

I'm addicted to the Home Shopping Network. I can't help it. It's amazing what you can buy online.

My biggest personal fitness goal is to get to 20% bodyfat. Last I measured, I was at 27% but the scale I was using for my 12-week transformation died immediately after giving me my final measurement. Literally, it gave me my weight and bodyfat %, then never worked again. I bought a new scale and it is inconsistent with what my old scale said. The new scale puts me around 29% which I don't believe as far as I can throw it! I will be posting pictures of my 12-week Turbulence Training transformation soon!

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Evenstar said...

Abby, is your new scale a Tanita, with the "athlete" mode? If so, I'd take a look at what it says with that.. I just got a body fat scale for the first time, and am thinking the "athlete" mode is probably closer to reality (closer to what Craig estimated based on my pics back in January), even though I don't exercise as much as the instructions say.
29% or even 27% just sounds too high for how great you look!