Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Playing Catch Up

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OK, apparently I don't write on my blog very often, according to an old friend who ran into my sister at the bank and said "Abby hasn't written on her blog in over a month!" LOL - I know you're out there HT! ;)

So here I am to say "I'm Here!" and I've been training for the marathon, although I've been a bit frustrated. I feel like I'm not at the level I should be by now. I don't necessarily feel like I should be really fast, I just feel like I shouldn't be really slow. And right now, I'm feeling really slow!

This weekend is scheduled to be one of my longest runs ever, 18-20 miles. Luckily, it is not supposed to be HOT like it was last Sunday. It was a fluke hot spring day and I had to quit 2 miles too soon because I was overheating and out of water.

So here's a brief look at what I've been doing the past few weeks. The miles listed are a mix of long runs, intervals, pace and tempo workouts. It's been a real slow process. It's only been the last few weeks that I have started feeling less tired and more like myself!

Week 7: 6.13 miles, 10 minutes yoga (ran a 5K race instead of a long run)
Week 8: 15.96 miles, 60 minutes P90X Stretch
Week 9: 15.33 miles, TT 2K3 Workouts A & B (I have been missing TT!)
Week 10: 17.24 miles, TT 2K3 Workouts A & B
Week 11: 20.18 miles, TT Amazing Abs Workout B

Now I am in Week 12 and I'll post more details on that soon.

That's about it! I promise to be back sooner next time! :)

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